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Herbal Remedies

Author: Richard A. Flavell

Women all over the world have been using herbal remedies for menopausal symptoms for thousands of years. You can have relief for hot flashes by changing your lifestyle in combination with using herbal remedies such as black cohosh, vitamin E, soy, dong quai, evening primrose oil, ginseng, licorice, progresteron cream, among others.

Black cohosh (Actaea racemose or Cimicufuga racemosa). Black cohosh is a perinnial plant native to North America. It is used as a herbal remedy which is thought to help with menopausal symptons. It contains phytoestrogens which may help to take the place of the missing estrogen in the body. It is also used to improve sleep supplements cyruta plus, such as for example cyruta plus

Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol)

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, exist in eight different forms. The most active form of Vitamin E is Alpha-tocopherol (a-tocopherol) and is a powerful antioxidant. The most biologically active form of Vitamin E comes from food sources such as polyunsaturated vegetable oils, seeds, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals and nuts. If you are purchasing vitamin E supplements, the small “d” signifies a natural source. The “dl” signifies a synthetic source. The synthetic form of Vitamin E is half as active as the natural form. Vitamin E has been shown to relieve hot flashes.


Soy is a plant food and is a natural source of protein. Since it is a plant food, it is low in fat. Nutritionists recommend that women eat plenty of protein through the day to keep their blood sugar levels low to prevent spiking which causes binges.

Soy contains a compound called phytoestrogens which is beneficial to the human body.

Dong Quai (Umbelliferae)

Dong Quai is a perennial herb native to China and Japan. Dong Quai contains phytoestrogens and it is used to treat menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil is derived from the Evening Primose plant (Oenothera biennis), specifically the seeds. The evening primrose plant is found in North America, Asia and Europe. The native Americans used the plant to treat various ailments. However, modern research has found the oil contains an essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid(GLA) which has anti-inflammatory benefits. Evening Primrose Oil has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of pre-menstrual symptoms, perimenopause and a number of other disorders.


Ginseng is a perennial herb grown mostly in North East Asia. It has been traditionally used mainly to fight fatigue and stress which are some of the symptoms associated with menopause.

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